Now available on Kindle and iOS!

What's that?

Interlocked is a calm, beautiful brain teaser. Remember those clever wooden puzzles, impossible to take apart? Interlocked brings these, with slick new graphics and controls, to your mobile device!

Best puzzle you'll play this century

Interlocked for mobile features 36 different puzzles of varying difficulty levels and elegant themes. Test yourself with a truly stimulating mind game - have fun and hone your mental abilities at the same time!

"It's such a simple concept but it's executed so elegantly with a crisp design polished to a high gloss that it's easy to recommend to virtually anyone."


"If you’re a true iOS puzzle head, you cannot let this one slip past you."

The iPhone App Review

In February 2011, we release Interlocked, free to play on the web. By now, Interlocked has been played over 20 million times around the world, with around 300 million minutes of playtime (in total). Quite a brain teaser, eh? Wait a sec--you're saying you never played it? Well, clearly you’re missing out! »